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Graphene Nano Ceramic Coating

• Deep cleaning the tires with a specific tire brush and a tire cleaner (2-4 times per tire)


• Deep cleaning the wheels and the rims with 3 types of wheel brush and with a specific wheel cleaner.


• Deep rinse on the car and under the car with a dedicated attachment.

• Pre-wash with a foam cannon and detail brushes.

• Hand wash with dedicated mitts and pH neutral shampoo.

• Drying with dedicated drying towels and air blower.

• Wheel decontamination with an iron remover.

• Decontamination with a clay bar on the car and the windows.


• One step polish on the paint to bring back the exceptional gloss on the paint and eliminate minor scratches (ideal for vehicles 1-3 years old).

• Window cleaning.

• IPA treatment to eliminate all residues and have a perfect clean surface to perfectly bond the protection.

• Graphene ceramic coating applied on the paint and the windows that lasts  75 000 Kilometres.

• Tire dressing and exterior plastic dressing for shine and UV protection.

Starting price at 790$ 
​(depending on the car’s condition and size)





Graphene nano ceramic coating benefits:

•Extremely glossy and long-lasting shine.

• Self-cleaning properties by creating the most hydrophobic properties, making the car look cleaner for longer, much easier and quicker to wash to maintain the car.


• Cost effective by saving you money over time because the coating repels dirt and that helps you with less maintenances and washes.


• Unmatched protection of chemical resistance, micro-scratches, UV rays, paint fading, bird droppings and tree sap.

• Extends the life of the vehicles paint.

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